Voip What It Does And What Are The Benefits

What It Does and What Are the Benefits
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, more commonly understood as internet based phone service. If your computer, tablet or cell phone has a relatively good internet connection it is now possible to use an internet based phone service, instead of making calls through your local phone company. Here are a few benefits to using VoIP technology instead of traditional types of calls:

It’s Cost Effective
When you use a traditional land-line, (known as PSTN – Packet-Switched Telephone Network), you pay for each second that you are on a call. When you use a VoIP service, you only have to pay the monthly fee to your Internet Service Provider. Since you probably pay for unlimited internet access 24/7, this means that you can speak as much as you want using VoIP and the cost will be the same. And since there are no geographic boundaries that limit you on the internet, international calls to other internet phones cost the same as local calls. In addition,no special or expensive equipment is needed. As long as you’re using a device with a fast enough internet connection, all you have to have is a sound card, a microphone and working speakers.

More People Can Participate on Calls
VoIP can handle large numbers of people on the same call. This is a great advantage when the technology is used for business purposes or meetings, webinars, etc.

A Wide Variety of Features
Voicemail, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Waiting, Call Blocking, Automatic Redial, Last Number Redial, Call Forwarding, and Fax are just some of the basic features that are available when using VoIP technology. VoIP technology can handle a lot more than just a voice phone call. Video calls are possible, as are sending files, photos, text, and videos.

Because of these types of features, VoIP technology makes it very easy to access your workplace from wherever you are in the world. In fact, your computer can remotely use the voice, fax and data services of your place of work, essentially transforming your home to another “branch” of the office.

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